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Bodily Injury

Bodily injury is a legal term that can be defined easily as harm or damage to the body structure of a living being that results from contact with an outside force or agent. Another person can apply the outside force through involvement in an accident or a deliberate attack. An outside agent could be something like a chemical. This injury is physical, rather than mental.

Recourse for physical injuries is covered under personal injury law, as are mental distress or death due to an accident. One other area covered under personal injury law is property damage resulting from an accident or attack.

Personal injury lawyers may represent either party in a lawsuit. For the injured party, an attorney seeks to uphold that person’s right to compensation for damages. In defending the opposing party in personal injury lawsuits, the attorney attempts to mitigate damage awards and nullify claims.

Bodily injures are specific wounds. They include bruising, wounds that cause bleeding, fractures, broken bones, joint dislocation, concussion, burns, shock, sprain and amputation that is caused by the accident or attack. Most injuries to human bodies are the result of falls and vehicle accidents.

In a lawsuit to reclaim expenses paid for bodily damages, the personal injury lawyer may ask the court to award monetary resolution for a variety of expenses. These expenses may occur at the time of the accident or in the future. Claims are for medical expenses, hospitalization, transportation, doctor bills, special equipment that may be required, therapy fees and long-term health care as well as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.

As part of the general personal injury lawsuit, additional damage claims could be filed for lost income, property damage and future loss of income. If there were severe bodily injury causing a fatality, funeral and burial expenses would be added. Survivors can sue for pain and suffering of the victim.

An experienced local personal injury is the best person to contact for help in recovering losses and damages that result from an accident or attack that caused injury to a person. Negligence is a factor in most accidents. The attorney can examine evidence, plead the case and arrange settlement negotiations for their client. It is important to contact a local personal injury lawyer right away after an accident in order to preserve all recovery rights.

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