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What is a Head Injury?

Generally speaking, a head injury is a result of an accident and causes some sort of injury to the brain, scalp or skull. Obviously a scrape to the head is not as serious as accidents that result in a brain injury. There are two types of brain injuries and both can have quite serious consequences depending on the severity of the injury. A closed brain injury is one in which the brain is injured within the skull, most commonly shaken as in a concussion. An open brain injury happens when something actually pierces the brain or the skull is broken. An example would be a gunshot wound or another foreign object entering the brain. Although millions of people every year experience some sort of head injury, the majority are not serious or life threatening in nature because the skull is very adept at its job of keeping the brain safe and secure.

As mentioned, head injuries generally occur as a result of an accident. Examples can include car accidents, being physically attacked, becoming injured while playing sports, or falling. Accidents can take place in any location including a person’s home, workplace, store, or place of business. Some serious head injuries cause brain damage, which is usually quite serious and unlikely to be reversed. Brain damage is a result of blood loss to the brain and trauma and can cause coma, seizures and paralysis. In the long term, brain injury patients often experience speech and loss of mobility problems. They can lose their sense of taste, touch, hearing, smell and vision as a result of head injury. Many head injury victims have trouble with life-long debilitating headaches.

In some cases, it is possible to prevent head injuries before they occur. Children and adults should wear helmets when riding bicycles, skateboards, motorcycles and all terrain vehicles. Safety belts should always be worn when riding in a car and car seats should be used for children in the appropriate age range. All areas of a home or business should be kept free of debris to lessen the chance of someone falling. Car accidents are a primary way that people injure their heads so drivers should take care to be defensive while driving in order to avoid accidents. Additionally, do not drink and drive and do not ride with someone who has been drinking.

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