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What Is Nursing Liability?

We all expect that people in medical profession such as doctors, surgeons, and nurses will uphold their duty to provide their patients with the proper care they deserve. However, sometimes-medical professionals, even nurses, fail to uphold that duty to their patients, and it can create great injury, pain, and loss. Fortunately, victims of this kind of malpractice have the recourse of holding these nurses liable, if the victim hires a qualified attorney with the right experience.

Many of the nursing errors are due to understaffing. Also, nurses working long hours have certainly contributed to this. A study published in 2004 showed that many nurses who work twelve and a half hour shifts are three times as likely to act negligently (Compas). The negligent mistakes that a nurse can make are varied. One very common example is when medication is not administered properly, and it causes serious injury or death. Hospitals and clinics are responsible for the negligence of their nurses and maintain liability insurance covering them.

We have obtained significant settlements for nursing malpractice. We have experience to help you with your claim. If you know anyone who may have suffered serious injury or loss due to decisions made by a nurse, it is certainly a good idea to contact our law-firm to make sure that nurse is held liable for his or her actions. We have nursing experts and consultants available to testify. Contact us for a free evaluation. Tennessee has a one-year statute of limitations so act promptly.

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