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What Is Obstetric Malpractice?

It may be hard to think about, but there is a chance that you or someone you know may have been the victim of obstetric malpractice. Obstetrics is a term that refers to the care a pregnant woman and her child is given before, during, and after birth. Unfortunately, malpractice can occur during this care, and it can cause serious injury or even death to the mother and child.

To win a malpractice lawsuit you must prove there was a duty of care and the standards of that care were violated. Malpractice often happens during labor and childbirth. It can also happen much earlier in the pregnancy and afterwards during the immediate postpartum period. People who could be held liable for acting negligent during this time include obstetricians, perinatologists, midwives, nurses, and even family doctors. As long as that person was providing the mother and child with obstetric care, they have a duty to upload the standards of care demanded in the field of obstetrics.

Malpractice must have also resulted in damages, and damages resulting from obstetric care can be massive. One may never be able to completely recover from the loss of a child or the mother of that child. Injuries sustained during and directly after a pregnancy can also last a lifetime. Children injured by someone providing obstetric care may need years of expensive treatment to survive and then live something resembling a regular existence.

If you or someone you know may have been the victim of obstetric malpractice, you should certainly consider filing a lawsuit. The damages you can incur from this kind of malpractice can be profound. That kind of loss shouldn’t be something you have to face without some kind of reimbursement.

We have successfully handled obstetrical malpractice cases. Tennessee has a one-year statute of limitation and three year statute of repose, so you must contact an attorney as soon as possible.