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Surgeon’s Liability

A surgeon’s responsibilities to the safety and well being of their patients should be the utmost objective before, during, and following surgery. However, there are many circumstances that occur when a patient sustains injury or possibly death due to the negligent malpractice of the surgeon.

When a personal injury occurs as a result of a surgeon’s avoidable medical error, the patient and/or the patient’s family has the right to pursue legal action against the surgeon on the basis of surgeon’s liability. The importance of knowing the rights held as the injured party is vital in order to receive just compensation for any damages that have been suffered.

We have successfully handled cases involving surgeon’s errors. During such a difficult time, the injured patient may not be in the appropriate frame of mind to comprehend all of the legal options. For the best possible recourse, contacting an attorney with experience in surgeon’s liability litigation is the first step to resolving this legal issue.

A highly qualified surgeon’s liability litigation attorney will be able to directly access the pertinent information regarding your claim such as witness testimony, hospital records, surgery data, and your surgeon’s previous litigation records. Without the assistance of a well-versed attorney, proving a surgeon’s liability in a medical malpractice suit can be difficult.

In many cases involving surgical malpractice the surgeon, as well as the anesthesiologist, through lack of proper communication in the operating room, may have made serious medical errors, which caused the patient’s injury. A professional legal team will be able to determine which, if not both, should be held liable for damages. Tennessee has one-year statue of limitation so act promptly.

While a surgeon has such an important task at hand when operating on a patient, distractions, negligence, and errors can cause medical damages that go beyond human error. A surgeon’s liability can be determined and brought to suit by an experienced attorney with the proper tools to successfully navigate a patient’s case through the legal system. Contact us for a free case evaluation.