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Unsafe Products

We have successfully handled unsafe product cases. Products that have been manufactured with defects and as a result are unsafe to use injure hundreds of people every year. A child pushing off on a skateboard and ending up with a broken arm when the wheels fall off is a good example. Worse accidents happen when cars are designed and produced with defective accelerators that cause vehicles to increase speed uncontrollably during use. Recent news events have chronicled the serious ramifications that arise from unsafe vehicle production and the legal challenges victims face.

Consumers who buy and use products that hurt them due to design flaws, a lack of quality control or downright recklessness in the production process find themselves in difficult circumstances. Medical bills and loss of income are the glaring problems demanding immediate attention while eventual disability may become a future issue.

If a product that is inherently or constructively unsafe hurts someone the manufacturer may be legally liable for damages. Victims of unsafe products have legal recourse to recover the resulting costs of medical treatment, time off work, pain and suffering and any level of eventual temporary or permanent disability that results. In short the guilty party can be made to pay. The law provides for legal recourse in certain circumstances. One of these is when the unsafe product has a design flaw that creates harm when the product is used as intended.

Liability is also assigned to the manufacturer when the product was made with a physical defect that results in injury. Some items are properly designed but created with inferior materials or dangerous components. Marketing is also a point of liability. A failure to give adequate label warnings of potential danger can mean the manufacturer will pay an injured victim’s bills. Product liability for unsafe products is assigned through court action. Victims of unsafe products should seek legal representation to help them navigate the confusing world of product liability lawsuits. Securing an attorney ensures that a manufacturer is assessed the proper and legally admissible amount of liability in an unsafe product claim.

We handle unsafe product cases and will be glad to evaluate your case for free. Contact us for a free case evaluation. Tennessee has a one-year statute of limitations and a 10-year statute of repose, so act fast.