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Vehicular Homicide

We handle death cases involving vehicle homicide. These generally arise from drunk drivers or someone operating a vehicle in a grossly negligent and/or grossly reckless manner. These cases often result in the potential imposition of punitive or exemplary damages in addition to compensatory damages. If you or a loved one have been damaged by the actions of a drunk driver or grossly negligent motor vehicle operator, we will be happy to review your case at no cost. Contact High Law Office for a free case evaluation.

Vehicular homicide is the term given to a crime that is similar to manslaughter, but a vehicle rather than a gun or other type of weapon causes the death. In most parts of the United States, vehicular homicide is considered a crime by the governing body of the state. Typically, vehicular homicide is a crime that culminates in the death of an individual that is the result of the accuser being negligent while operating a vehicle. In more common terms, vehicular homicide involves the death of one person that is a result of driving while committing an illegal act that is not considered a felony by the courts. Whether the driver was negligent in his or her driving or not, the crime considered a negligent homicide. Most states in the United States do have some type of law within their constitutions that specifically names vehicular homicide as a crime.

The laws that govern the land essentially deem vehicles as potentially deadly weapons, which can allow for more sever penalties against the convicted, as well as achieving an easier conviction in the case. In the case of the three states without such laws, the accused can still be charged with manslaughter or some other offense.

The victim of a vehicular homicide can either be a person located within the same car as the accused, located within another car that is struck by the accused, or simply be a pedestrian.

Regardless of the degree of vehicular homicide, the crime is serious and involves serious consequences for both the victim and the guilty. If a charge is brought against you or a family member, it is advisable to seek the counsel of a legal professional who is experienced in such cases.

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