Motorcycle Safety: Tips to Avoid Accidents

There is a freedom and joy that comes from riding a motorcycle. Feeling the wind rush around you is exhilarating. While riding on a motorcycle is a great experience, it can also be very dangerous. Motorcycles provide less protection than cars, which can result in devastating accidents that often lead to serious injury or even, death. The High Law Office helps victims of motorcycle accidents with their personal injury cases, but we would love to see the number of accidents go down. Follow the tips below to stay safe on the roads.

  • Wear a helmet! The most common cause of death for motorcycle riders are head injuries from either not wearing a helmet or wearing a helmet that does not fit properly. First, when purchasing a helmet, make sure that it has the Department of Transportation seal of approval. These have been tested to ensure they pass standard protection requirements. On top of that, make sure the helmet fits properly in order to protect your head.
  • Wear proper clothing. Running around in shorts and flip-flops will not protect you at all if you are in an accident. The typical image of a rider is a person wearing all leather. This is not needed. There are many companies that specialize in armored motorcycle gear that will protect you, to an extent, should you be in an accident or lose control of your bike. Wearing the proper shoes is also important. As the engine is exposed and close to you, it is easy and common to burn your feet if you are wearing open-toed shoes.
  • Take a Motorcycle safety course. This class will teach about traffic laws that apply to motorcycles and highlight the dangers of riding a motorcycle. This will help you be prepared when you venture out on the road.
  • Leave enough space. This is a tip for all drivers, not just those on motorcycle. You need to ensure that there is plenty of stopping space. Take the time to practice stopping in a safe location so you become familiar with how much distance is needed. Leaving extra space is also important, as motorcycles are more difficult to see, especially in cars with large blind spots.
  • Beware of changing weather conditions. Motorcycles are not as stable as cars, especially in bad weather conditions. A motorcycle has half the traction as a car, and your vision is more impaired as windshield wipers are non-existent. Due to this, bad weather conditions are amplified for motorcyclists. Be extra cautious and keep a lookout for potentially dangerous situations.

We hope that following these tips will help motorcycle drivers stay safer on the roads. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, contact the High Law Office today for a consultation. We can help navigate your personal injury case.