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David High is a Rule 31 Listed General Civil Mediator with the Tennessee Supreme Court Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission.He is qualified to act as a mediator in general civil disputes (excluding domestic relations and family law disputes). Mr. High’s over 35 years of trial experience and diverse background of trial experience makes him well qualified to mediate disputes.

Most of the courts in Middle Tennessee require matters to go through alternative dispute resolution, generally either mediation or a judicial settlement conference before the matters are tried in court. Mr. High’s over 35 years of experience and his training as a mediator gives him extensive experience representing injured parties in mediation. Most of the cases in which he has represented injured parties in mediation or a judicial settlement conference have been successfully settled. By having an attorney who is experienced not only in trial work, but also trained in mediation, the chances of your case being successfully resolved if you are in alternative dispute resolution are very good. Most clients would rather get the matter settled promptly in mediation rather than having to undergo the time and stress of a trial.