Personal Injury, Is it Worth It? (Why You Should File a Personal Injury Claim)

Personal injury insurance and personal injury laws aren’t something that most people think about until it affects their life. However, thinking about how to protect yourself before you get hurt can help you plan. Even if you’ve been hurt, there are things that you can do to protect your interests.

Should I carry personal injury insurance?

It’s a good idea to have personal injury insurance. If you have insurance, you can often receive payments faster than you can by bringing a traditional lawsuit. You also aren’t stuck waiting for the other side to pay your claim even after you succeed in winning a judgment. Instead, you can submit a claim to your own insurance company for direct payment.

If you have insurance, a personal injury claim can still benefit you

Even if you have an insurance policy, a personal injury claim might still be to your benefit. Insurance subrogation may or may not apply in your case. If it doesn’t apply, you’re the one who reaps the benefit of having the insurance policy. In addition, your claim can ask for payments for things that your insurance policy may not cover. Your Nashville personal injury lawyer can help you evaluate the facts in your case to determine how much your claim might be worth and how insurance might come into play.

What if I don’t have insurance?

If you’ve been hurt and you don’t have insurance, the attorneys at High Law Office PLLC can help you pursue a claim for recovery. An experienced personal injury attorney can evaluate your case in order to determine where to start. You might bring a claim against the responsible person directly for your injuries and other damages. In addition, the person responsible for your injuries might have insurance that you can tap to cover your losses.

It’s important to meet with the attorneys at High Law Office PLLC if you’ve been hurt, because you may have a right to recover damages that you may not be aware of. There are broad categories of damages available for personal injury victims. These damages include monetary damages for your out of pocket losses as well as compensation for your pain and suffering as you rebuild your life. Working with an experienced attorney can help you receive fair compensation under Tennessee law.